Jewish life in Charlottesville

Mcintire Park, Charlottesville, Virginia

Mcintire Park, Charlottesville, Virginia


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Charlottesville's size, diversity and proximity to UVa. yield a very unique Jewish landscape. While there are many opportunities to live a religiously, culturally, and socially Jewish life, finding the right entry points can be challenging for newcomers and lifelong townees alike.

Our Jewish community has only one Synagogue (Congregation Beth Israel, or CBI), which hosts reform and conservative services, houses a community leading preschool and religious school, has an active adult education program and boasts members from all over central Virginia.

While CBI leadership excels at meeting the diverse needs of an entire community, some folks find spiritual or cultural alignment in one of our other religious groups or centers. Most notably, the Rohr Chabad House at UvaP'nai Yisrael ChavurahBrody Jewish Center of the University of Virginia, the Jewish Studies Program at the University of Virginia, Hadassah Charlottesville, or of course, the United Jewish Fund for Charlottesville (UJFC). 


Finding Your Jewish Charlottesville

Helping people find opportunities to exercise their Judaism is at the heart of what UJFC is meant to do.
— Russ Linden, UJFC Chair

UJFC serves as a mechanism for members of our community to identify and meaningfully connect with local groups and other relevant Jewish opportunities. To that end, we have created and maintain an overview of the Jewish landscape where you will find a list of organizations, tools, and insights into our community. While no spreadsheet can capture everything, we hope this serves as a useful primer.

Don't see your organization or event on the list? Let us know!