The United Jewish Fund for Charlottesville is a conduit for anyone, regardless of affiliation, to support the Jewish community and our interests abroad.  

Mcintire Park, Charlottesville, Virginia

Mcintire Park, Charlottesville, Virginia


Our Beginning

The first Jewish charitable fund in Charlottesville was started in the early 1980's by Ed Eitelberg. Upon arriving in 1978, "Eddie" as he was often called, was surprised to learn that there was no central Jewish philanthropy. Eddie sprang into action and started the first iteration of the UJFC.  

“We all must do our part.”

— Ed Eitelberg, UJFC FOUNDER


While Eddie's fund became briefly inactive in the 1990s, his work was recommenced by Ruth Hanft in 2002, and with the help of Bill Gray, Sonia Haimes, Vikki Bravo, Faye Rosenthal, Rob Capon and numerous others, UJFC came into being as a 501 (C) (3) tax-deductible fund in 2003. It raised over $25,000 in its first year and has prospered ever since.

Our Mission

We embrace the notion that all Jews are responsible for one another. 

Our purpose is to meet the existing and emerging needs of the Jewish community, here and abroad. We do so By: 

Observing needs and opportunities

Raising awareness within the local Jewish community  

identifying programs and other mechanisms to meet these needs/opportunities, and

effectuating these projects by Providing funding.


Get Involved

If you live in Charlottesville, are moving to town, or just call our community home, please consider becoming involved. There are numerous opportunities to have an impact through personal involvement, volunteerism, leadership positions, board memberships or of course, donations. 

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