Board of Directors

UJFC's Board of Directors jointly oversee the activities of our organization, and offer guidance in all areas of our operations.


Russell Linden

  • Board Term: 2008-Present
  • Home Town: Detroit, MI
  • Education: BA and MSW, Univ. of Michigan; PhD., UVa
  • Occupation: Management Education
  • What I love about Jewish Charlottesville:

"There's no pretense here. People get involved at CBI, with Hadassah, at UVA's Religious Studies classes, with UJFC or the chavurah or with Chabad, for the best of reasons - they want to be part of the Jewish community, and add something to their Jewish identity."


Harriet Kuhr

  • Board Term: 2013-Present
  • Home Town: Slippery Rock, PA
  • Education: University of Virginia; B.A.
  • Occupation: Refugee resettlement with the International Rescue Committee.
  • What I love about Jewish Charlottesville:

"We’re a diverse and cohesive community at the same time."


jeffrey grossman

  • Board Term: 2015-Present
  • Home Town: Youngstown, OH
  • Education: B.A. Syracuse University, J.D. Emory University
  • Occupation: Owner of Commonwealth Care Group.
  • What I love about Jewish Charlottesville:

"The smallness of the Jewish community offers tremendous opportunities to be meaningfully involved."


maureen wellen

  • Board Term: 2011-Present
  • Home Town: Springfield, NJ 
  • Education: BA Washington University, Master City Planning University of Pennsylvania, MBA, Wharton School, Univ of Pennsylvania
  • Occupation: Faculty Development at Darden School, UVA
  • What I love about Jewish Charlottesville:

"Small size with such a wide range of interests and beliefs. "


Wendy Heifetz

  • Board Term: 2012-Present 
  • Home Town: Woodmere, NY
  • Education: BBA Marketing/Management, City University of NY
  • Occupation: Director of Business Development at MH Swanson & Associates, Financial Advisors
  • What I love about Jewish Charlottesville:

"The Jewish Community here in Charlottesville is very welcoming. We have several ways in this community in which to get involved and meet wonderful people."


Deborah Kovarsky


Terri brand Zweig

  • Board Term: 2016 to Present
  • Home Town: Irvington, NJ
  • Education: B.A. Indiana University, A.P.P. American Polarity Therapy Assoc.
  • Occupation: Health Educator
  • What I love about Jewish Charlottesville:

"I love the diversity, intimacy and inclusiveness of Charlottesville's Jewish communities. There are plenty of opportunities to connect and engage without feeling overwhelmed by too many options or too many people."

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Susan Rozan


Lynn Valentine

  • Board Term: 2012-Present
  • Home Town: Canton, OH
  • Education: B.A. University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D Catholic University 
  • Occupation: Nurse Practitioner
  • What I love about Jewish Charlottesville:

"I love the diversity of Jewish life in Charlottesville!"

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tom gutherz | ex officio

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jake rubin | ex Officio

schlomo mayer | Ex officio

  • Board Term: 2016-Present
  • Home Town: Bucharest, Romania
  • Education: Rabbinical College of America
  • Occupation: Rabbi, Chabad of Charlottesville 
  • What I love about Jewish Charlottesville:

"I love the opportunity to meet and connect with Jewish people in this wonderful town! "